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About Us
The Scouters Network offers information, news, links and resources to all Boy and Girl Scout units, leaders, and youth. Our goal is to provide a friendly place for scouters to visit; a place to talk to other scouters around the world.

Web Hosting
The Scouters Network offers free basic website hosting to any Boy or Girl Scout Den, Pack, Troop or Unit. Space for each site is limited to 10MB. Basic website hosting means we give you space to upload your pages and images, and provide a live Internet link to your site. Basic website hosting also includes 1 (one) free email address that you can access online.

Email Accounts
The scouters Network includes one email account with it's free web hosting. Currently, this email account is accessible online only. Use your web browser to check your email online, from anywhere. Click here to check your free email account online.

Scouters Network Discussion Boards
The Scouters Network is proud to sponsor the Scouters Discussion Boards. Talk to other scouters, read messages, help yourself and your scouts get more out of the programs.

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