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Disk Space Details
Free Web hosting accounts are limited to 10MB of disk space. Additional disk space is available at 50¢ per MB, per year. Disk space must be ordered and paid for in 10MB blocks (i.e. $5.00 per block). That means when you think you will exceed your spaace and you want to add to your site, you would order disk space in advance; enough to cover the content you intend to post. Often, that might mean pictures of your most recent events, for example.

When you order and reserve a block of space, you can use up to that amount of disk space for the entire next year. For example, over the summer you decide to add to your Cub Scout Pack web site by adding a few pictures. You think you will need about 7MB of extra space, so you order one block which is good for up to 10MB. Then, you can add pictures throughout the year so long as you don't exceed your total space. That extra 10MB of disk space, enough for about 100 pictures, is yours to use as much of, or as little of, for the next year.

You can add more blocks anytime and each block is good for a year from the date is is ordered. You can not remove blocks however. Once a block is paid for, it's yours to use or not to use, whatever as needed for your web site.


Uploading Web Pages
To upload your web pages, you will need to use an FTP program. This is a special program that allows you to transfer files from one computer to another. Some HTML editors have built in FTP, like Dreamweaver, for example. Popular FTP programs are CuteFTP and WS FTP. Popular free FTP programs are Coffeecup FTP and FTP Commander.

The FTP address to use in your program is:
Your user ID and password will be given to you when your account is created. You will only be able to access your group's web site, and no one else will have access to your files except for you.

As an alternative, we support WebDAV. This means you can use your Windows XP computer to move files to and from our server, just like you would copy or move files around on your own hard drive. To set this up, follow these steps:
  1. Open "My Network Places" on your desktop or from the Start button.
  2. Double click on "Add Network Place"
  3. Click Next
  4. Select Another Network Location and click next
  5. For Internet address, enter:
  6. Uncheck the anonymous block, and enter the user ID we sent you when you signed up.
  7. Lastly, give this a name, as in "Troop 123 Web Site"
To transfer files, just use My Network Places, and double click on the link you just created. It will ask you for the password we sent you when you signed up for our Free Web Hosting. A window will open that goes to your space on our server. You can copy files there by dropping them, and you can edit files directly over the internet by opening them from our server. We recommend however, that you keep a good backup on your local computer, and that you always edit those files and then upload or copy them to the Internet when they are updated.

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