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The Scouters Network offers information, news, links and resources to all Boy and Girl Scout units, leaders, and youth. Our goal is to provide a friendly place for scouters to visit; a place to talk to other scouters around the world.

Scouters Net is proud to sponsor an online forum, The Scouters Discussion Boards. Really this is just a place to share information and ideas with other scouters.

Scouters Net is proud to offer free basic web hosting to youth scouting organizations, both boy and girl.

Scouters Net is proud to offer a free email account to all organizations, in conjuntion with basic web hosting.

You can read more about the services that we offer from the links at the bottom of the page. is not sponsored by anyone and we don't make any money hosting youth groups. You can help though, but clicking on the google sponsors now and then. Just loading their pages gives us points and maybe a few cents, so thank you.

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